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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Some dental emergencies happen suddenly (an injury or accident) while others are the fault of poor dental hygiene and avoiding dentalDental Emergency visits for too long. No matter the reason, it’s important to know how to handle a dental emergency the right way. Take this advice and make an appointment at Dr. Paul Karpovich’s offering emergency dentistry in Timonium, MD.

Is It a Dental Emergency?
Not every dental issue is an emergency, but when it is you should take immediate action. One of the clearest signals is unbearable pain that stops you from eating, drinking, or talking normally. Here are a few common dental emergencies:

- Loss of natural tooth matter.
- Loosening or loss of a dental restoration, whether it is a crown, filling, or bridge.
- A knocked-out tooth, usually due to a sports injury and common in young people.
- A sharp foreign particle is stuck in soft tissue (gums or cheek).
- A broken or dislodged dental implant.

How to Handle a Dental Emergency
Firstly, try to stay calm in the case of a dental emergency. Next, retrieve any dental matter that is lost and put it in a safe place. If it’s a knocked-out tooth, clean it carefully and try to reinsert it. If that won’t work, keep it in a cup of milk until your appointment with Dr. Karpovich. Relieve any swelling by gently pressing an ice pack on the cheek. Stop bleeding by applying pressure with a gauze pad. 

How Your Emergency Dentist Can Help
Call the dentist’s office immediately to set an urgent appointment. It’s always preferable to go to a skilled emergency dentist over visiting an ER for a dental problem. Your emergency dentist can restore dental devices and provide root canal therapy instead of immediately resorting to an emergency extraction.

Save Your Smile
Knowing how to handle a dental emergency properly could help save your smile. Call Dr. Karpovich providing emergency dentistry services in Timonium, MD, at (410) 628-6070 if you require an urgent visit.

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